Ed and Ed Go Camping

It has been three years since we last went camping.  There is a good reason. Our house caught fire three years ago and we lived in our RV for about a month while our insurance company got us a temporary house.  By the way, Farmers Insurance did a great job helping us...

Into the Jungle

Into the Jungle was a lot of fun to make.  It was hard on the body though climbing through the branches with all the gear. At one point I didn’t realize it but I was so deep in the water that the microphone was getting soaked.  Thank God Rode mics are so tough. ...

Tri-County Fair

We are super excited about our booth this year. We are giving away a total of 6 fishing poles, 5 reels, t-shirts, buttons and possibly a few more things.  Don’t forget to stop by our booth.  If you are already an Ed and Ed subscriber let us know and we will give...

New Sponsor

We would like to welcome Plussino Fishing as a new sponsor.  Visit their Amazon Store by going to our sponsors page and clicking on their logo.

Ed#2’s FishBrain ID

I have had people email me and ask me what my FishBrainAp ID is… jaspens. I’d love you to follow and I will probably follow you back.  Let’s fish.